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    To hear examples of our robots' voices you can here. Premium voices marked with PRO

    What is text dubbing?

    Convenient online speech synthesizer is suitable for converting any text to an audio track. The built-in algorithm takes into account all features of live speech: intonation, amplitude, and language nuances. The result is a beautiful audio, which is voiced by male or female voice. Online text dubbing doesn't resemble monotonous, "iron" speech of a robot or bot.

    Where can voice acting be useful?

    A good voice "reader" is useful in information sphere, for creating techniques and programming voice alerts and commands, in advertising and for different content. High-quality sound tracks will replace a live speaker in videos for social networks, a lecturer, a seminar host.

    How does voice acting work?

    The program works without any additional settings and requirements, runs even on a weak computer. Text dubbing up to 500 symbols - for free.

    Примеры голосов для озвучки


    What are the functions of the service?

    Speech synthesizer allows you to play or save the resulting audio. Ready file in .mp3, .wav, .ogg formats can be played in any standard player of the PC or mobile device. Decent quality of voiceover text allows you to use the track without additional processing.

    At any time, you can clear the text input field or make changes to achieve the desired style of presentation or place the right accents. Key features of the online talker:

    What are the key features of an online talker?

    • The text is dubbed by a voice in Russian, Kazakh, Turkish or English;
    • when you reach 500 characters, you have to activate the paid option;
    • built-in "generator" with the voices of girls and guys of different timbres and styles (ringing, deep, high and low variants);
    • simple and intuitive interface.
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